This Chrome Extension Will Help You Get Rid Of Years Of Cringey Facebook Posts

Cringing at past Facebook posts

For years, we’ve heard people close to us claiming that they will close their Facebook accounts, however, odds are that they started off their morning as usual, by scrolling through Facebook.

If you aren’t brave enough to completely get rid of your Facebook profile, you might as well clean up the posts that hurt you whenever you get the “on this day” notification every morning. In the past, you would have to delete each post one by one and it will take what feels like an eternity to even get passed a year of content that you aren’t happy to have on your Facebook profile anymore.

This Google Chrome extension aims to cut off loads of painful hours having to go through your old posts and delete them one by one:

How do I do it?

1. Download the extension from here.

Downlaod Chrome Extension Delete FB past

2. If you’re okay with them, grant permission and add the extension.

Allow permissions for google chrome extension

3. Head to Facebook, brace yourself. you’re about to delete/hide years of your digital life.

4. Choose what keywords or timeframes you want to filter by and go ahead.

Keywords and timeframes to delete Facebook past posts

5. Give it some time, especially if you are a very active Facebook user.

6. Reminisce on all the good times you have just lost.

7. Run it again, just in case.

What was the worst thing you have posted on Facebook? Tell us in the comments below.