Cars with giant mobile 3D scanners?!?


Google is getting a new set of wheels. Google are utilising the Hyundai Elantra GT with a spectacular vinyl wrapping of beautiful views.

What upgrades has the car seen?

The camera system upgrade is the first in eight years—greatly improving the image quality while simplifying the rig. In the main ball, Google is downgrading from 15 cameras to 7; making the whole package a lot smaller. These 20MP cameras are aimed all around the car, and the pictures they take are stitched together into a spherical image for Google Maps. There’s more to the cars than just the ball. There are also a pair of “HD” cameras that face directly left and right. These are going to be dedicated to reading street signs, business names, and even posted store hours; these images are then fed to Google’s cloud computers for visual processing.

The final result of the new upgrades will be more visually pleasing shots, with higher resolution, better colours and better stitching errors.