Build Your Own Game In 48 Hours At The Malta Global Game Jam!


How many times have you been playing a video game and caught yourself thinking, “meh, I’ve got an idea that would work better”? Or maybe you’re just interested in finding out what skills are required in building a video game. In any case, the Malta Global Game Jam is taking place on Tuesday 25th January all the way through to Sunday 30th January, where participants from a variety of backgrounds will be able to build their own game in 48 hours!

It’s part of a global event

If you’ve never even attempted anything of the sort, worry not; this is literally the perfect opportunity for you to build your own game from start to finish. That’s because it takes a team of people to create something of the sort, with needs for programmers, artists, designers, musicians and more. Experience isn’t a barrier to entry either; it only means that you can approach the whole thing with fresher ideas.

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This, but virtually

And you don’t need to go there as part of a team already; the whole point of the event, which will be held online due to COVID restrictions, is to join a team on the spot and find some people that you can quite literally just jam with. There will be a theme for the teams to follow, which you can either learn of here or allow yourself to be surprised later on.

You’re also free to create any kind of game you want, whether it’s a digital game, board game or physical game; that’s why it’s called the Global Game Jam. Apart from that, the event organisers have even created a list of resources that’ll help you get started.

It’s a great online meeting space

Sure, there is an element of competition to go with it, as local game industry professionals will give feedback on each game and choose their favourite, while a popular vote will run alongside that. However, the emphasis remains on the experiments and innovation aspects of building the games.

It all starts at 9pm on Tuesday 25th in a virtual pub setting, where the organizers will give a bit of a heads up on what to expect, while the ensuing days will feature keynote speakers and brainstorming sessions before participants create, build and conclude their projects. It’s a fantastic opportunity to not just make new connections, but also a way of harnessing your talents (maybe hidden ones?) and sharing them with the world.

The Malta Chapter of the Global Game Jam is organised by the Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta.

Interested? Just head to the registration page to sign up, or to the About section to learn more!