Bose sues Beats over Noise Cancelling


Just a few weeks after its acquisition by Apple, headphone maker Beats, have been sued by Bose, over patent infringement of their Noise Cancelling Technology.

Bose have been granted the rights to the invention of the Active Noise Reduction technology, and Beat’s line of Noise cancelling headphones are reportedly infringing five patents, owned by Bose. Bose alleged that this infringement has caused loss in sales and profits.

A representative from Bose stated;

“Bose’s continued success depends in substantial part on its ability to establish, maintain, and protect its proprietary technology through enforcement of its patent rights…”

“Our patents cover our unique approach to active noise cancellation.Other companies may have their own unique approach. We don’t license our technology to other headphone manufacturers.”

  Beats have failed to comment on the situation, but are likely to settle the law suit out of court.