BMW and MINI GoPro Compatible


For people about to embark on a long road trip, the GoPro has become one of the essential companion to capture all the fun moments.

Even though GoPro is compatible with any vehicle or moving object at that, BMW and Mini have made it a bit easier to use a GoPro camera in their vehicles. The on-board operating system of selected vehicles in the BMW and Mini range, will in fact pair with GoPro HERO 3 cameras, and can be controlled via the car’s user interface.

There is a catch though; the user must have their smartphone preloaded with the GoPro Application and connected to the car’s USB. The car also has to be a 2012 or later BMW or Mini model, which sports an entertainment suite. Since the connection is via wifi, the GoPro camera has to also be a Hero 3 model.

Via the car’s on-board screen you can star, stop, or pause recordings, and you can also choose form six recording modes straight from the screen.