Avid Gamer & Gadgets Team Member Plans To Eat Dog Food During Non-Stop 24-Hour Charity Stream In Aid Of AAA


If you’re not into games, you’re unlikely to be familiar with the rather large community of gamers out there and you’re also unlikely to know much about Twitch. I am one of those people, but my colleague Ashley Peschel’s passion for games is pretty infectious and he easily got me interested as we sat down to have a chat about his upcoming challenge.

Ashley is Gadgets’ Social Media Executive and he recently decided to do a 24-hour charity stream on Twitch, which is an interactive livestreaming service for content, with a particular focus on video game live streaming, but also other forms of entertainment, sports, music and more.

Ashley’s stream starts on Friday 18th March 2022 at 7pm and runs throughout the night and all day on Saturday 19th March until 7pm. The best part of it? He’s a big dog lover and he’s doing this in aid of the Abandoned Animals Association (AAA) – this is where he really caught my attention.

The nastier the challenges, the better

Ashley admits that it will be tough, especially the part between 2am and 7am, but he’s undoubtedly looking forward to it and he’ll be doing some pretty nasty challenges as well.

“So the idea is that I’ll be playing 15 different games throughout the non-stop 24-hour stream. I’ll be playing for an hour or two at a time, then I’ll stop every now and then, chat with those following, have a snack, do my challenges… I just love interacting with people and the community element that Twitch offers.”

Glammed up by his daughter… and his wife will make an appearance too

He’s also set myself some donation goals, so he’ll have his daughter Amy Jo doing his makeup and painting his nails once I reaches the €50 mark, for example. He’s also planning on doing 300 jumping jacks and eating dog food, and, this is a big one, he tells me – his wife Mary Grace will make an appearance during the stream if he hits the €300 mark in donations.

“You see my wife likes her privacy, in fact you’ll never see her in any of my content. She doesn’t like the public eye at all, but she promised to spend five minutes on the stream and answer three questions (that I will be vetting first) from my followers on the chat.”

Guest streamers include JD Patrick

Ashley is also pretty excited about guest streamers he’s invited to join, including Max from The Boys, Spooner, who’s a big streamer in Malta, and also JD Patrick from VIBE FM.

So what his he and his guests be playing during the stream?

Ashley mentions a few of the main games: Fornite, Warzone, Valorant, Roblox, Among Us, Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone.

“During the night, my plan is to play the games I’m quite good at – Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone – so that hopefully it won’t be too, too hard.”

Donate, donate, donate – the dogs need it

What is he aiming for in terms of donations?

He tells me that this is the first charity stream he’s doing, so he doesn’t really know how generous people are going to be, and since many of his followers are teenagers, the amounts will probably be smallish, but he’s hoping to at least his €300 and then take it from there.

As for the money that comes in, Ashley will be aware of the amount reached, but the AAA has set up a Paypal account specifically for this event, meaning that the money will not go to him, but rather directly to the association.

You can support Ashley during his live stream here!