Apple’s biggest reveals for the Macbook and iWatch


Apple love keynote speeches and press releases, and they also love to tease their hardcore audience with their upcoming sleek products.

Yesterday’s keynote speech was extra special though, due to the fact that it mainly revolved around the Apple Watch, which has been claimed by many as the riskiest business venture by the electronics giant. However, apart from the Apple watch we got to see the new Macbook Air. Lets take a look at the top announcements made during this event.

The Apple Watch Release Date

The most anticipated announcement by Apple, since it’s reveal, was the Apple Watch release date. The sleek smart watch was revealed to hit the shelves this April the 24th. Pre-orders are set to open up on April the 10th.

The Luxury Apple Watch is here

Well, we knew that the Gold Apple watch would be expensive, but the price tag is heftier than expected. Apple announced that the Apple Watch Edition will be retailing at a staggering $10,000, and will only be available in selected outlets around the world.


The Apple Watch Battery lifetime

Batteries have hindered the performance of any gadgets nowadays, and the more they pack features in them the more they hamper battery life expectancy. However the Apple Watch have been announced to have a battery life of 18 hours from full charge to nill. Compared to Android watches, currently in the market, this ain’t no achievement to boast about. However, at least the watch will be wireless charger compliant.

The Apple Watch Optimised Apps

Since the reveal back in November, developers around the world had the opportunity to develop tailor-made applications for the Apple Watch. Fast forward to yesterday, and we got to catch a glimpse of some of most popular iTunes apps optimised for the Apple Watch. You can for example call a cab on Uber using the Watch, or open/close your garage door using, or use Shazam to find a song playing in the vicinity of the device.

The New MacBook Air

The MacBook Air has been revamped, and will be now called the MacBook. The device is 24% slimmer and weighs just under 1kg. It sports a 12″ retina display, and the body is as wide as the minimalist keyboard (which also features shallow keys). The device comes in a ‘space grey’, silver, or gold finish, and features a haptic feedback touchpad. The release date is slated for April the 10th.


The USB Type C

All of the ports and inputs on the MacBook have been eliminated, and replaced with one single port, the USB Type C port. This new reversible interface is slowly being introduced to the main market, but is gaining popularity due to its versatility.


CarPlay is Apple’s take on Google Auto, and during last night’s keynote speech it was revealed that almost all major car manufacturers have signed on. Over forty vehicles will be sporting CarPlay will be launched in 2015, with more in the making.


We had no doubt that Apple would come out with all guns blazing, and again we have seen a more minimalistic approach to their already sleek product lines. Perhaps the only negative aspect of the whole event was the price tag of the Gold Apple Watch.