Apple iOs 8 Revealed


After a lot of speculation, during yesterday’s WWDC keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the latest version of their flagship tablet and smartphone software, the iOS8. Aesthetically the operating system looks very similar to it’s previous version, but under the hood it packs some great features, tweaks, and new interactions with the accompanying OS X.
Here is the run down of the new features to be introduced;

  • OS X Integration: The best feature shown off during the keynote was the integration of iOS8 and OS X Yosemite. This clever feature will pair the iPhone with the OS X, allowing the user to receive notifications on the computer and ever answer calls from it wirelessly.
  • Healthkit and Healthapp: Healthkit will be collecting all statistics related to your health and fitness from partner apps (ex. Nike) and combine them into a neat new app, called the Health app, were the user can keep tabs on what matters most.
  • Interactive Notifications: You can now swiftly like or comment directly from the Facebook notification pop up on the homescreen. You can also interact in a similar manner with calendar notifications.
  • Tweaks and Improvements: Both Spotlight and Mailbox have been revamped and are more versatile making more user friendly. Siri has also been upgraded to a smarter version.
  • Quick Type: Apple’s on-screen keyboard has been upgraded and the recognition system will improve prediction and reduce the number of typos the old system is renowned for.
  • Audio Snippets: You can now send audio recordings via the iMessage app just like you do on Whatsapp, which has been taken over by Facebook recently. You can also send these audio messages directly from the lock screen.
  • Family Groups: You can now create a family on your iTunes account of up to six people which allows you to share apps, content and a calendar. Parents will be happy to know that with this feature they can also control their kids’ spending on itunes store.
  • Third Party Keyboards: That is right, Apple has finally given the green light for third party Keyboard apps to replace the standard one.

The free update will be rolling out this Fall and will be available for the iPhone 4s and above, iPod Touch fifth gen and above, and iPad 2 and above.