An Ex-Clubhouse Europe Member Joins GADGETS This Coming Saturday…


At GADGETS, we pride ourselves on the guests we host on our show. Whether it’s the sheer variety of them, causes that they stand for, or the insights they give us into their weird and wonderful worlds, we’re always thrilled to have someone new on our show…

This coming Saturday will be no different, as we invited someone, a special someone, might we add, who’s been a fan of our show for a number of years and has now made it onto our screen too! Fancying a guess? Well, here are a couple of hints…

  • she’s got almost 60,000 followers on Instagram
  • her surname is not one come across quite often
  • she also has a unique way of answering phone calls
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Didn’t manage to guess? Have a look at this little teaser to find out exactly who!

Make sure to tune in this Saturday at 10:00 AM. It’s a different time slot than our usual airing, which is supposed to be one-time thing, so make sure you don’t miss out!