Alternative Medical Approach Offers Long-Term Solutions To Underlying Health Problems


Did you know that there are millions of little cells living within your own body? It might not be the most pleasant thought, but not only is it a reality, but they’re also essential. When you’ve got the right balance of these microorganisms, you feel great, because they’ve been part of the human body for thousands of years. They’ve evolved with us, and each group of these millions of cells, called microbiota, is as unique as each and every human being hosting them.

There’s a very precise science of ensuring that both your microbiota and yourself are healthy, which is where a company such as The Bio Arte comes in.

Keeping everyone happy

Based at the Life Sciences Park in San Ġwann, The Bio Arte are both innovators and experts in helping you keep your microbiota healthy and therefore, yourself too. Scientific director Manuele Biazzo puts it like this.

“We need to reconsider ourselves as human beings. We are hosting as many microorganisms as our human eukaryotic cells. Shall we keep ignoring their impact on our health?”

A rhetorical question, yes, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a most valid point. Before exploring ‘how’ to keep the microbiota healthy, we’ll take a look at the ‘why’.

One example would be that despite embarking on healthy lifestyles with balanced diets, from time to time, intestinal diseases appear apparently at random, or are difficult to diagnose and treat. Therefore, you’d need to understand what is causing this imbalance, especially since you appear to be doing everything right. The way to do that, and by extension keep everyone and everything happy, is by an in-depth examination of the intestinal environment.

Here’s how it’s done

This examination would be like taking a picture of the universe of microorganisms that live within us. This is made possible through a simple and painless analysis devised by The Bio Arte, about which you can also ask your doctor. There’s a test kit you can purchase that will be delivered to your door, and you’ll be able to take a non-invasive sample by following the appropriate guidelines.

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After that, it’s a simple case of arranging an appointment with The Bio Arte’s courier, and after a few days, your results will be available both online and with a medical practitioner you trust. Results are deeply evaluated by The Bio Arte’s experts, and a highly-detailed report is drawn up to help you make sense of the data found. And that’s just the first round.

Dedicated as they are to providing different solutions, they will list various remedies, derived from both their experience in the field and from their clinical microbiologists’ inputs. In fact, their second data report is always more detailed, as they can check the effectiveness of any therapy previously prescribed.

Improving local health & knowledge

The Bio Arte is also dedicated to improving local health-related knowledge. It has created the BioArte Educational Institute in Malta, where fully-accredited EU courses for medical doctors, nutritionists and pharmacists are available. It’s a great way of boosting the local level of expertise in a niche field that is always evolving and requires constant use of the latest studies and techniques.


Are you looking to live a healthier lifestyle, or know someone who wants to? Get in touch with The Bio Arte today or share this article and help a friend out!