Airdog Drone Follows you around


Action cameras and drones (or quad-copters) are the must-have Gadgets for action-sports lovers who want to shoot their every move. Unfortunately, drone’s require pilots and Helmet cams only shoot from first person views, making them an unfavourable companion for people running solo. So what to do if you are by yourself, and want to shoot your moves from a third person view? Well Airdog is the only solution for this particular need.

The Airdog is the world first Drone which follows you around, and records you from the air. The Airdog does not require a smartphone to operate, making it the best choice for all-weather situations. All you need to do, is tell the drone when to launch and from which altitude you want it to shoot. The drone is operated from a waterproof wrist strap controller, which also serves as a tracking device. The drone is able to carry the GoPro camera in it’s protective case and comes inclusive of a Gyro-stabilizer Gimble.

There are a couple of disadvantages though;the battery life is only 15 minutes long and the drone currently cannot avoid obstacles. But fear not, you can actually leave the drone somewhere, and set it to take flight and record you when you feel it is necessary, saving battery life. For surfers especially, you will find comfort in knowing that the drone will fly itself to the coast when the battery runs out. The company behind the project have also announced that they are working on sensors to help it avoid obstacles, and will be released as an upgrade pack post-launch.

The project is set to be funded through crowd funding site, Kickstarter, and should the project reach its funding goal, Airdog will be hitting the shelves later this year.