AI in Malta: Where does it Stand?

Gadgets AI in Business Malta Summit

The Gadgets Team had the pleasure of attending the AI in Business Malta Summit at the MFCC, Ta’ Qali, where we learned about the applications of AI to different industries.

The seminar, supported by the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, saw international speakers Irakli Beridze, Charlotte Stix and Matthew Fenech who gave informative sessions on AI and its applications.

Experts at the AI in Business Malta Summit (left to right): Matthew Fenech, Charlotte Stix, Irakli Beridze

Mr Beridze, head of the centre for AI and Robotics for the UN, highlighted the importance of demystifying AI. He also gave an overview of the way in which the technology can be applied to energy, security and transportation. This will enable us to become more efficient and productive.

Following Mr Beridze, Charlotte Stix, research associate and policy officer at the University of Cambridge, gave an overview of the applications of AI in the EU. Her experience in AI strategy contributed to an informative session on the developments of AI policy and the way in which these policies can be used to adopt this technology.

The talks concluded with speaker Matthew Fenech, AI Policy Consultant. Mr Fenech gave an overview of the ethical uses of AI with particular emphasis on its uses for employee resourcing. He highlighted the importance of thinking of AI in terms of resource improvements and not human replacements. He also added that locally, large amounts of data are available within the tourism industry and this information, coupled with AI, could provide a great resource for the industry.  

Following the speakers, a panel discussion took place with the leading experts, where we were given the opportunity to ask questions about this great technology.

This one-day AI in Business Malta Summit was the launchpad for September
2019’s AI in Business Malta Expo, which will bring together a range of other international
experts to explore the impact and benefits of this phenomenon on various fields. The aim is “that of giving local businesses a better understanding of how AI could help them revolutionise the way they work, change the way they interact with their clients, and up their targets,” Matthew concludes.

What are your views on AI? How do you think we can apply it locally?