Adidas miCoach Smart Ball


The World Cup is just around the corner and Adidas, with their perfect timing , unveil the miCoach Smart Ball. MiCoach is the first ball to be able to tell you everything about your shoot thanks to the sensors and algorithms that the ball uses to calculate speed, bend, the location of impact and the trajectory. The Smart ball is equipped with Bluetooth and there is an accompanying app available for iPhone and iPod Touch. The ball features sensor technology for dead-ball kicking training like penalties, free-kicks, corners, long passes, or goal kicks. The Smart Ball offers visual flight trajectories, depicts ball spin, and shows impact points via the accompanying app.

The miCoach Smart Ball app also features a dedicated training section that will help users improve their skills and master advanced shot techniques. The user will be coached to hitting the so-called “sweet spot” of the ball, just above the equator with a big toe, were by the player can produce a shot which reaches its maximum height, before dipping sharply. It’s a technique used by Gareth Bale and David Beckham among others. In Addition to this, with the help of the Challenge Yourself app the user can set challenges and targets to achieve within a certain time.

You can share your results on social media and keep a record book of your best shots. It is a good way to monitor your progress. The ball also features wireless charging capabilities and comes with a charging dock.

Now you could be more than a spectator of World Cup Soccer this Summer!