Get PAID €400 to save Electricity!


Save the Planet and Your Wallet by installing a Heat-pump

On the 13th October, the Maltese Government announced a 40% subsidy (grant) on heat-pumps also known as Air Source Water Heaters, which are a more efficient alternative to the traditional geysers. In fact geysers are said to use 3 to 4 times the consumption of a heat-pump, making the heat-pump a very efficient way to heat up water. The heat-pump uses the refrigeration cycle to heat water which is the same process of a normal air-condition, however it is on heating mode (reverse cycle of cooling). This time instead of heating up the air, it is heating up the water.

The 40% subsidy (grant) with a maximum of €400 will be administered by the water and energy regulator (REWS). The subsidy is being offered because the equipment is a more efficient way to heat water as compared to traditional water heating systems.

BT Commercial has been on the market for a good number of years, which makes them a well experienced company specializing in alternative energy products, which include heat pumps and solar products.

GREE have mainly two Energy class A efficient heat pumps, the Integral Heat Pump and the Juno Heat Pump. Both these highly-efficient heat pumps have an expected life span of approximately 10 years and if bought from BT Commercial you are entitled to 5 years full product guarantee. Terms and conditions apply.

The Benefits of Heat Pumps are the following:

  • High Efficiency and Energy Saving
  • Benefit from lower running costs
  • Safe and reliable – safer than combustion based systems.
  • can provide cooling if needed by directing the output through ducting
  • Intelligent Control, the heat-pump learns the users habitual use of hot water.