Android Oreo is Finally here!


The official Android Oreo (8.0) has officially been released. It was released during the Solar Eclipse over North-America on August 21st. The update is being rolled out to Pixel and Nexus devices at the moment. Android O release is being called and branded as Android Oreo, not surprising fans much. This is because Android usually choose a sweet to name their software after; and who other than Oreo. 

Here are a list of the top 5 most proficient updates that will be implemented within the new OS:

    1. Better battery life.
      Google have been rolling out updates such as “Doze mode”. This automatically puts your phone into a low-power consuming state when your device is in your pocket. Android will further strengthen such a feature by further restricting app background activity.
    2. Picture in Picture mode.
      Now you will be able to keep watching any type of video content you were watching previously. The video player is going to be able to be moved to a corner of the device screen while navigating or using other applications.
    3. Camera app features
      With the new update, you can now zoom in 50% within the camera app and they have also added a dedicated button to switch between photo and video modes. This will help a user like myself who doesn’t take too many videos therefore I sometimes forget how to enter video mode.
    4. Adaptive Notification Dots
      Apps will now be going to display a small dot according to their colour scheme on top of their icon within Android.
    5. Android Notification Sorting
      Applications can now have different categories for the notifications they show us, and which ones are displayed and how is up to the user to define.