3D Printing helping matchmaking in London?


3D printed Matchmaking in London?

Match.com is one of the world’s largest and most well-known matchmaking network.

What do matchmaking websites do to set themselves apart from the rest?

Well, in this case match.com are launching a pop-up shop in London. Unlike any other pop-up shop, Match.com is inviting females to come in and view 3D printed models of likely matches. As creepy as this may be, these are people from the real world who are listed on their website.
The figurine’s box is equipped with various information about the male will be listed.
Name, age, and occupation will be written on the box to give the female more insight on the potential match.

Visitors to the shop will get complimentary Prosecco upon arrival and can get in touch with the actual male through a link on the box.