5 Types of people who NEED an iPhone X cover


The iPhone X (or 10) could be the greatest phone the world has ever seen. Of course, due to its capabilities and price range, this device certainly isn’t for everyone. With that being said; after blowing over €1000 you would love to keep the device in pristine condition. Question is now: What cover will I get to ensure my device remains in tip-top condition?
Klikk have got you covered with a large selection on iPhone X protective devices for every type of person.

  1. For people who hate putting a case on their iPhone
    A lot of people hate adding weight to their device, or more importantly adding a different feel. This is understandable after spending loads of money on a device built using the best of materials, you would want to feel it as it was intended.
    You can get the case here or a similar version here.


2. Who want to make their iPhone more elegant
A leather case isn’t for everyone, it is for the few who want to give their iPhone a soft yet elegant feel; while protecting their device.

You can get it in grey or black.

3. For the butter fingers’
An anti-slip case for someone who can’t seem to get used to the grip of their new iPhone and is someone who gets their phone in and out of their pocket constantly.
You can get it from here or a thinner version here.


4. For the ones who want less bulk in their pockets
This fully leather case, adds bulk-cutting capabilities by allowing you to store your debit/credit cards in your phone case. This might not be ideal for someone who is prone to losing their iPhone.


5. For the ones who like it sophisticated
A clear, slim case that provides protection to the front of the screen as much as it does to the back. The magnetic mechanism causes the clasp to close and protect the beautiful display when dropped.


Pro Tip: Protect the front of your iPhone by adding a tempered glass screen protector; no doubt the best way to protect your iPhone’s precious display. According to the colour of your iPhone get the black or white one.

No one wants to have to go through this: