22 Ways To Be More Innovative & Creative in 2022


Have you ever told yourself that you’re not creative and that it’s not something you were born with? Well, the reality is that you can actually build your ability to be creative and innovative. Train your brain. Being more creative and innovative in life and at work can help you achieve great things and ultimately live a happier life. We all have the potential, we just need to tap into it.

Here at Gadgets, we’re especially passionate about the creative potential in each and every one of us. Our aim is to encourage everyone to ‘Be More’! We want to be the push for people to trust in their ideas and their sense of innovation, we want to empower the creative mind, so here are our ’22 ways to be more’… to be more innovative and creative in 2022!

1. Make time for play – think like a kid

Doing what you truly enjoy will give you the possibility to think outside the box and to think freely – this is exactly what kids do and it has been proven that making time for play is good for you and to get your creative juices flowing. Make time to do what you really love – draw, paint, doodle, build something – whatever.

2. Go outside

We often feel unproductive and somehow even brain dead at times. Routine and repetition can be real killers, so going out for a walk and giving your mind space and time to relax can be really helpful. Most importantly, if possible leave your phone behind so that you’ll truly give your mind the possibility to go places.

3. Be mindful

Again, we’re looking at the best possible ways of fighting against routine, mindlessness and apathy. Avoid getting alienated and keep your mind active. Mindfulness allows you to increase self-awareness and to replace mind chatter with more positive and encouraging self-talk and constructive thoughts.

4. Live fearlessly

Successful people aren’t scared of making mistakes. Fearless creativity helps you nurture the big ideas. Fear can only hold you back. It’s about getting to the stage where you know that going for it is more important than winning or losing. You just need to try.

5. If you need an idea, think up 10

Someone once said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, meaning that you need to generate many more ideas than you actually need in order to come up with the one that works. It’s OK, they’re not all going to be great ideas, but you will typically have more misses than hits.

6. Be curious

The key to coming up with brilliant ideas is to not limit yourself; don’t limit yourself to what you already know and seek to learn more about the world. Broaden your horizons and step outside the world you are familiar with. Learn about as many fields of knowledge as you can – learn about anything and everything.

7. Do something physical

It is a well-known fact that physical exercise is good for both body and mind, and studies have actually shown that exercise actually helps you adopt a more creative mindset. It also helps you sharpen your mental clarity, stimulating your imagination and helping you generate new ideas.

8. Watch or listen to something inspiring

Certain activities like doing house chores can be mind-numbingly boring, so listening to a podcast to learn something new, get inspired and broaden your worldview is always a good idea. And even when you’re not doing house chores, it’s good to be able to watch inspiring content such as TED Talks episodes.

9. Start your day with creativity

Rather than heading straight to your phone the minute you get out of bed in the morning, or even while you’re still in bed, start your day by feeding your brain with something different like meditation, a good book, some yoga or anything a little bit different that will give you some mental stimulation.

10. Let your mind wander

We all too often head to our phones when we seemingly have nothing better to do. If you need to kill time, just let your mind wander and let it brew up new ideas. Avoid scrolling through your social media feeds or checking your emails on your phone. This is not your time to be bored, but to stop and think. About? Literally anything. Give it a go.

11. Crazy ideas welcome

Going back to the beginning of this article, many of us think that we might have been born without the creative gene; others think that we may have been creative as kids, but lose it as we grow up. Well, go back to being a kid. Creativity and innovation are only possible if we allow ourselves to have crazy ideas, to talk about them and possibly even put them into practice. And if you want to go a step further, encourage colleagues, friends and family members to do the same. Don’t be scared to think differently.

12. Eat the right brain foods

Eat well and your mind will reward you for it. Good, healthy food (and also some cheat food sometimes) will nourish you and keep you happy and positive – just what you need to keep your creativity going.

13. Optimise your environment

Do your best to ensure that your living and working areas are to your liking. You need to feel inspired by your surroundings, and if you work in an environment where you have several meetings, try to consider meeting formats that will boost creativity. You can consider sometimes having meetings standing up in a bid to increase energy levels, productivity and of course creativity.

14. Manage negativity

Managing negative emotions will help you keep focused on what really matters. Negativity caused by daily frustrations can clutter your mind and kill creativity. And remember that managing negativity includes taking certain decisions to avoid getting upset or frustrated in the first place.

15. Surround yourself with diversity

Seek to surround yourself with people who inspire you, people who are different to you. Think of the opportunities that lie in the creation of new ideas through collaborative encounters. People you meet randomly and have random conversations with will often have very different backgrounds and very different experiences. Talking to people who aren’t like-minded will help you be more creative. And if you’re an employer, seek to create a team that’s as diverse as possible.

16. Seek to get creative outside your normal surroundings

Again, this is about breaking away from routine by setting aside ‘creative time’ outside your normal surroundings, even if it means just going to a new coffee shop to sit down and think. As we suggested earlier, do try to stay away from your phone when doing so. And while you’re there, you might even happen to meet someone interesting to have a good conversation with.

17. Never stop questioning

If you are to succeed in being more creative and innovative, remember that no matter how much expertise you might have on a particular subject, you never know it all. Never stop asking questions and again, if you are an expert at something, approach the world with a beginner’s mindset.

18. Surround yourself with inspiration

By now you’d have realised that being more creative and innovative is all about not letting yourself stagnate. Keep your mind stimulated and replace items in your surroundings as often as you can – they can be newspaper headlines, some of your favourite quotes, memorabilia, photos, anything, it’s entirely up to you.

19. Bounce ideas off others

Colleagues, friends, family members, but again, don’t limit yourself to people you know either. Just don’t seek to work alone and understand the value in bouncing off ideas with others. You never know what you might manage to come up with when you pair yourself up.

20. Move things around

As far as possible, consider moving your desk or other furniture at home or at your place of work around. Working or spending time in a different location can work wonders when it comes to creativity and innovation.

21. Challenge yourself and others

Don’t settle with what you’re used to doing or what is considered to be acceptable in life. Never stop challenging yourself and those around you to look at things differently. Consider moving away from the norm and the status quo. Give life some colour.

22. Pursue your passions

It’s not a cliché – do pursue your dreams and your passions. This is what will drive your motivation and in turn your creativity and sense of innovation.

We hope that some, if not all of our 22 tips will work for you or give you new ideas of your own. We truly believe that it’s all about keeping things fresh and varied, always striving to look at things from a different angle and try new things. After all, variety really is the spice of life!

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