10 Movie Gadgets We Wish Were Real


Gadget: Neuralyzer
Movie: Men in Black

Despite starring Will Smith in shades and a black suit, the Neuralyzer is still the coolest thing in this 90s classic. That’s saying something. A chrome cigar-tube with a flashing light, that allows you to forget anything? Take our money.


Gadget: Image Scrubbing
Movie: Minority Report

Minority Report is a fine film, but what everyone remembers is how damn cool Tom Cruise looked moving holographic images around with a pair of three-fingered gloves. Tony Stark never did it as well.


Gadget: Lightsaber
Movie: Star Wars

Ever since May 25, 1977, children (and, secretly, adults) have been swinging sticks and wrapping paper tubes, making ‘whoosh’ sound effects. We need the real deal.


Gadget: Hoverboard
Movie: Back to the Future II

Since the Back to the Future sequel was set in the (then) futuristic year or 2015, there was a public outcry to make these a reality by the time the year rolled by. The closest thing we got looked like segway without the handle. NOT. GOOD. ENOUGH.


Gadget: Teddy
Movie: A.I

Teddy is so much more than a gadget. He’s a proper character. He’s a robotic bear owned by David, a robotic boy. He’s the film’s voice of reason and David’s protector. When he growls ‘I am NOT a toy’, he goddamn means it.


Gadget: Shark Repellent Bat Spray
Movie: Batman The Movie (1966)

Watching the dour and overly-serious Batman V Superman, it’s hard not to wish for the campy Batman-in-pants days of the 60s. The definitive moment came when Batman wards off an attacking great-white with Shark Repellent Bat Spray, an invention that manages to be very handy and totally useless at the same time.



Gadget: Fyling Umbrella
Movie: Mary Poppins

Forget Ryan Air. The cheapest and most convenient way¬†to travel¬†would be Mary Poppin’s umbrella. Imagine the fun of flying to work with it! Just pray the kaccaturi don’t mistake you for something feathery and endangered.



Gadget: Orgasmatron
Movie: Sleeper

While George Lucas was dreaming of lightsabers and Millennium Falcons, Woody Allen was thinking up more…down-to-earth inventions. This chamber allows the user to have an orgasm in a few seconds. Perfect for these time-strained days.



Gadget: Samantha
Movie: Her

Forget all that fruitless Tinder-swiping. Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’ proved that all we need for romance in our lives is an artificially intelligent operating system on our phone. Preferably with Scarlett Johansson’s husky voice.


Gadget: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Movie: …take a guess.

So, society wants us to believe that the coolest cars are Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris. But lets be honest: who wouldn’t rather own the charming Chitty, with it’s ability to fly you to (possibly hallucinatory) fantasy kingdoms? However, the constant banging noises are slightly ominous.