Zoyo Baby Sensor


Zoyo baby makes the first months of parenting easier by making sure your baby is safe and healthy. Zoyo baby is an advanced bluetooth sensor that constantly monitors your baby’s vital signs.

zoyo 1

The device connects to your smartphone and senses the baby’s movement, breathing and temperature. It also notifies you if there are any problems and takes you through the right procedures.

Zoyo Baby is harmless & health-friendly, made from anti-allergic plastic and has no BPA added.It works with BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technology. That means the radiation is at its minimum, or if we put it into figures: up to 80 times lower than the radiation from other similar devices (e.g. a baby monitor).

Zoyo Baby can also be placed on the cot, crib or near the child’s bed and can be used as a baby monitor and room temperature sensor. It comes with a mobile app and it works with iOS (version 7.1 or newer) and Android (version 4.3 or newer) Bluetooth (4.0) enabled device.