YouTube’s App Update Can Help You Save Data Usage


The YouTube app on both Apple and Android is getting an update that might seem small, but in the long term, you’ll be grateful for it. While it might seem obvious to some that better video quality translates to more data consumption, the update makes it a tad more transparent as well as easier to locate.

Coming soon

The update may have already taken place for some users, but reports suggest it’s been more of a gradual rollout. When you do get it though, there will be a “Quick Menu” offering easy access to quality settings. Options will be “Auto,” “Higher Quality,” or “Data Saver”.

YouTube data saver mode - How to turn on Android and iOS data saving |

An “Advanced Menu,”  accessible from the same Quick Menu allows you to specify the resolution. If you’ve got an actual YouTube account, you can even change the persistent settings that apply whenever you’re signed in.

Here that you can tell the app what your streaming preferences are, whether it’s data savings time, blazing the bandwidth dust watch high-quality videos.