Youtubers Support Pride with Rainbow Makeup Looks


June has a different significance for many, but for the LGBT community, it mostly means pride month. Hence, to celebrate this month with the LGBT community we have geared up to provide you with the best pride inspired makeup looks.

First things first – any good makeup artist or makeup enthusiast knows that the most important part before applying makeup is having good skin hygiene and a great skin care routine. Recent gadgets have made our lives easier in this regard.

Prep Your Skin

Tria Blue Light

For anyone who suffers from acne, this is a godsend. Its deep blue light technique has been known to get rid of harmful bacterial found in pores and leave the skin feeling fresh and visibly clearer.

Foreo UFO Mini Smart Mask

Known for its futuristic look, this app operated beauty device, heats, cools and pulses in order to increase the skin’s permeability, which in turn makes the serum and the ingredients in the mask, penetrate the skin more intensely.  The best part of it is that it is fit for all skin types.

Dr Dennis Gross SpectraLite FaceWare Pro- LED face mask  

Picture a mask which not only looks cool, but can also fight wrinkles, calm rosacea, acne and old acne marks all at once. This theatrical looking mask uses both red and blue LED light therapy to make it more effective. Can also be used on any skin type.

Once the skin is clean and prepped, one only has to choose which makeup look to go for. Here are some gorgeous makeup looks for inspiration.

Pride Inspired Looks

James Charles: Cut Crease Rainbow

Possibly the most complex makeup technique is that of a cut crease which undoubtedly, James Charles mastered on his video. Instead of applying all the rainbow’s seven colours on the top part of the eyelid, he craftily created a cut crease with only the first three colours up top, creating a sunrise effect. The remaining four colours below the eyelid, helped make his light blue eye colours pop, creating an outstanding look.

Nikkie Tutorials: Smokey Rainbow Eye

The beauty of this look comes not only from the gorgeous rainbow colours Nikki chose but also from the fact that the rainbow colours above are opposite to the one below. She has beautifully created a rainbow effect which continue across the eyes, both below and above the eye in opposite directions, creating a mesmerising effect which would daze for days.

Denitslava: Dripping Rainbow Eye

This bold rainbow inspired makeup is incredible in its originality. Instead of creating a continuing rainbow effect over both eyes, she has done an outstanding job of shadowing each eye with all 7 colours of the rainbow. After doing so, she created an illusion by using some concealer and eyeliner to make it look as though the colours where dripping down her eyelids. The beautiful colours are reflected above and below the eye to make her gorgeous brown eyes pop.

We have looked for inspiration from the very best makeup artists on YouTube to bring you some of the best pride inspired makeup looks. It has been particularly tough to narrow it down to these three above, as there are some amazing styles out there. Let us know which one you prefer in the comments section.

Happy Pride!