You Might Soon Have To Pay For Android On Your Smartphone

Paid android

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system on the market and is owned by Google. Opting to use Android, will give you a choice of over 24,000 devices at every price point from 1300 different brands. Google recently made headlines after being subject to the biggest fine ever issued by the EU to a tech company.

The fine was imposed early last week and demands an immediate change in Android and its business model in general. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has made public the advantages of Android and even revealed that the business model of this operating system may have to change. The business model currently in place is that the operating system is designed to be available to other brands and the Google services used through Android is where it becomes profitable for Google.

With regards to the business model of Android changing, Google might have to start charging licenses to the companies that implement the operating system on their devices. As of yet, there are no indications that users might have to pay a subscription fee for using the operating system.

Google has plans to appeal the ruling, although if they do not win the appeal, Google may face serious problems and will definitely have to rethink the business strategy for Android with regards to how it makes everything available to manufacturers.

After the fine was issued by the EU, Google tweeted, showing how easy it is to remove a pre-loaded app and replace it with an alternative in under 30 seconds.

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