“X’inhi din?!” Rossi meets Xilowna from TikTok!


Even if you don’t follow TikTok, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Miguel’s viral hit character “Xilowna” in some WhatsApp group or other. So far, he’s only been able to get the look through Instagram & TikTok filters, but Valentina Rossi invited him over to get the makeover done for real. Here’s what we’ve learnt.

Xilowna ain’t real…Vally’s eyebrows are

Even if Xilowna does exist somewhere, it’s probably for the best that she’s given anonymity. Miguel said the character is inspired by “people you see on the street every now and again”, getting an eyebrow raise from Valentina, but not as much as when they realised the UHU might have been taking more than it was giving.

Għadu ‘fresher’ ħi!

He’s a 1st year in Communications and Theatre, and he’s hoping to complete the 5-year journey that will eventually allow him to become a theatre teacher. As if on cue, Carlo in the background popped open a bottle of prosecco, and provided the Aperol Spritz. What a guy. Back to Miguel though, he should be heading to Exeter for a semester to broaden his horizons further in September.

Professionals, look away, but keep tuned for the gossip

Profound in their apologies for the techniques (and lack thereof) being used, the show had to go on. In between glueing eyebrows and applying foundation, Valentina lifted the lid on some local influencers’ fan pages and their legitimacy. Tip from us: never try to make a point when you’ve got no eyebrows. It’s hard to be taken seriously 😬

And for the final touches…

New eyebrows drawn, fake (red) nails attached, tuft of hair affixed and basketball-sized hoops dangled, all they needed was a catchphrase. Of which Xilowna seems to have in abundance. With the look set, all they need is to find a new name for Bailey. Kudos to him, he seemed completely unflustered with the new look mummy had going on.