Xiaomi Have Created A Game Changing… Smart Bin?!

Smart Bin by Xiaomi

Yep, we’ve added another device to join the machines when they eventually rise up against the humans. Your bin. Welcome to the future ladies and gentlemen.

The Xiaomi smart bin’s lid opens with proximity sensors and is airtight. So it stops whatever you throw away stinking up the whole place. It can also help avoid attracting any flies, or other creepy crawlies. It also comes with an LED Strip that helps in low light conditions, which is powered by a 12V battery. And, most impressively, it can seal your garbage bags itself. The smart bin even has a small compartment where you can put empty bags so that the bin can automatically replace bin liners.

The smart bin is expected to cost around €25. and is expected to release on the 11th of September.

How complicated do you need to make a bin?

I’m a little torn on this. My main concern is, what if the proximity sensor fails? what if the motor that opens the lid fails? Or it’s just losing some of its power, having you wait for it to open? I’m all for practical, and cool gadgets. But certain things, I think we’ve figured out long ago. We have bins that can be opened by stepping on a pedal. And if that fails, we can just lift up the lid by hand. It’s a simple design that already works. This just seems like an over-engineered solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.

But anyway, apart from the practicality of the sensor, everything else seems like a handy feature to have on a bin. Especially the airtight seal. It might also slow down any food you throw away from further decomposing, making the already nasty contents even nastier. And I’m pretty sure no one is going to miss tying up garbage bags.

What do you think? Has science gone too far? Or does this sound exactly like the gadget you need? Let us know in the comments below.