X Factor Contestants – What their Smartphone says about them


The first season of X Factor Malta came to an end just a couple of weeks ago and we still can’t get enough of our great contestants. Throughout the season, we got a sneak peak of the performer’s personalities – but what does their choice of Smartphone say about them?

Michela, Luke, Owen and Norbert – The Extroverted iPhone Lovers

Psychologists in the UK recently discovered that iPhone users are usually extroverted, young and female. The study also found that iPhone users tend to be boastful, resist change and are overly concerned with social status.

Ben, Nicole, Petra – The Humble Android Users

Contestants Ben, Nicole and Petra have Samsung Smartphones which run on Android platforms. Research shows that android users are humble, open, honest and agreeable. They are not concerned about wealth and status and are less likely to break the rules. They also like to be original and avoid similarity when choosing to purchase a product.

Ben Camille – X Factor’s iPhone X enthusiast

We know he wasn’t a contestant, but how could we leave out Malta’s favourite TV star and X Factor presenter Ben Camille who owns an iPhone X. According to behavioural scientists, people who buy the iPhone X are habitual Apple buyers who seek to purchase the latest Apple products with little thought during the decision-making process.

Eh, it seems like Ben couldn’t help himself…

What are your views? Do you think these Smartphone personality traits reflect our X Factor contestants?