A Personal Laundry Assistant That Won’t Break Your Bank


Washing clothes can be a nuisance – especially when you’re unsure which programme your brand-new outfit needs to go on; or worst still… you arrive at work, only to realize that you forgot to switch on the washing machine. Luckily for us, Candy has launched a new type of washing machine which will help you and your partner become more efficient with your laundry. Here are some scenarios of this great washing gadget Candy RapidO.

I can do my washing from the office

This latest washing machine can be operated through an app directly from your phone. So, if you arrive at work and suddenly realize that you forgot to switch on the washing machine, you can still get your laundry going right from your desk. You can even set the start time and the duration of the programme so you will find freshly washed laundry just in time for when you get back home.

I can get my clothes cleaned quickly

Ever dropped sauce on your jacket and need to wear it the next morning? With the flashwash programme, you can wash clothes in a jiffy – allowing you to save time and be kind to the environment. You will never be caught with a stain on your clothes again!

My clothes don’t need ironing

The Candy RapidO has a wide drum which allows clothes to crease less during the washing process. So, you don’t even have to waste time ironing your clothes – just wash, hang, dry and wear.

My partner doesn’t ask me how to do the laundry any longer

Does your partner often seem allergic to the washing machine? Most probably the uncertainty of how the machine operates is daunting. But, Candy RapidO’s app will assist you with what programme is needed for every load. All you need to do is take a photo of your wash load and the Candy mobile app will guide you to choose the best wash for your load.

You won’t have piles of washing any longer

Fed up of never seeing the bottom of the laundry basket? This is a thing of the past with Candy RapidO. It can take up to 10kg of washing, allowing you to fit large amounts of clothes into one load – saving you time and money.

Want to know more about how this washing machine that can change the way you do your washing? For more information visit http://bit.ly/RapidO_