Women, Tech & Jewellery In Malta


The common notion is that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It’s time to dispel that idea; a girl’s best friend is anything that makes her life easier. In today’s world, it’s bound to be something tech, which stylist and blogger Caroline Paris pointed out in a recent post.

Enabling a level playing field

Of course, Caroline did more than that. In a series of interviews with women in tech, she seeks to spread the message that working in tech does not mean geeky. Tech and a fondness for fashion and style can co-exist, as she tells us. One such interviewee was none other than Gadgets’ own Martina, and the message is clear: there’s plenty of work to be done to reach this level playing field.

Before eventually seeing more women in tech, Martina feels “there are societal and cultural issues, followed by elements in our educational system that still need to change”. Having said that, the glaring lack of women in the industry might be off-putting for those aspiring to enter. Intimidating though it may be, she does have some words of advice.

“I would encourage girls to stop doubting themselves & to just go for it if they’re passionate about technology. My advice would be to believe in yourself; it’s okay to make mistakes, move forward anyway & don’t be anxious about not having all the perfect answers. This is your time. Like the world, the marketplace is your oyster.”

Hope on the horizon

As Martina’s quote above suggests, it’s not impossible to make your name in the tech industry as a woman. In a perfect world, everyone would be judged on capability alone, but if you can use your gender to your advantage, then why not? When Martina and Rachel founded VSQUARED, it was tough at first to convince people that they meant business. However, they still found a way around it.

“Being women, we felt we could bring out ‘the emotional side’ to this industry”, explained Martina in her interview. “When it comes to video specifically, the emotional side of things definitely brings about better results in putting your message across.” Also, there are more role models to look up to today.

Caroline Paris herself built the mon éclat website from scratch alone. She works both sides of the coin with fashion and tech, and for a long time hid both careers from each other. And role models don’t need to be people who came before you either. “Caroline and I went to school together”, Martina says, “and she’s most definitely one of the women I look up to most when it comes to women in tech”.

So, women in tech, support your contemporaries, celebrate the heroes of yesterday and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.