Girls In ICT: Meet The Women Shaping Tech In Malta


Girls in ICT Day is a global celebration on the 22nd of April encouraging girls and women to pursue a career in ICT. That more female representation in the tech world is a widely known fact, which is why local student organisation ICTSA launched a one-day campaign celebrating women who are acing their jobs in the ICT sphere.

Representing ICT students in Malta

A University-based student organization representing students reading for a course under the Faculty of ICT at the University of Malta, ICTSA also represent the Institute of Information and Communications Technology at MCAST.

While also celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, ICTSA gathered 25 women from the tech industry who’ve got some words of advice and inspiration for the next generation of girls looking to make it in the world of tech.

Inspiring the next generation

Without further ado, these are the women currently shaping the local tech sphere, including Gadgets’ very own Martina and Rachel! And although the ICTSA representatives left themselves last on the list, we deem it more than fit to start off with them!

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