With Rewindable TV, Everyone’s Under Scrutiny🔬


Remember the days when we’d meet and ask each other “You heard what the minister said on TV?”, and you’d repeat what you thought you heard? Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on what colour-tint lenses you’re wearing, tech has changed that. Qalanqas, that’s what we think.

Prosit ministru

Nowadays, people don’t even need to record the whole show to find the one moment you let yourself down on TV. They can just rewind and play it, then share it in the different WhatsApp groups and your voice is suddenly the latest trend on the island.

An inquiry is underway to decide which is worse: blaspheming on TV, or Ian Borg’s linguistic blasphemy in inventing the word “qalanqas”. Not that “ħa qalanqas” would have made sense in the context, but anyway. Next time, just admit a mistake was made and move on. Instead, we’re left with new words added to the Maltese vocabulary that surely don’t need to be there.

Of course, never too far behind the news, local memesters got in on the game. This was by far our favourite.

Did minister swear, or were his words taken out of context? Let us know in the comments!