With A Virtual Black Friday, There’s No Room For Cyber Monday


Let’s face it: Cyber Monday was never that widely celebrated here. But as Black Friday increased in popularity, it would stand to reason that Cyber Monday would follow a similar trajectory. Instead, it’s barely even being mentioned, and there are a couple of reasons for that.

Everything that matters is online

Well, almost. But that’s the point. If Black Friday was for brick and mortar stores, Cyber Monday was supposed to provide online shoppers with an equal opportunity for virtual shopping at discounted prices. As Black Friday extended to Black Days and now it stands at pretty much Black Week, deals were then extended to online too.

Thus, the need for Cyber Monday kept diminishing. So, was it a victim of its own success? Probably yes, as it was created to encourage online shopping. Thank whatever you find holy for that, because, amid a global pandemic, it’s safer for everyone to get their shopping done online.

Regardless of any subsidised parking, we encourage shoppers to stay home as much as possible and get your shopping done in comfort, at home.

How will you be getting your shopping done this Black Friday: online or in-store? Let us know in the comments!