Will Zoom Scrap Their Time Limit For Christmas?


Zoom has become one of the most popular video-calling apps on the planet, following the COVID outbreak. The standard version offers 40 minutes of call time, and competitors have done the same (Google Meet and Cisco Webex in particular), but that’s about to be scrapped for two days.

No word on Christmas just yet

For now, that will apply to 26th and 27th November for Thanksgiving, which is only celebrated in the USA. With plenty of people unable to travel and return home due to varying restrictions, Zoom has removed the time limit globally. Here’s their statement on Twitter.

Though there’s no word on Christmas yet, we’re hopeful this will be the case once again. Thanksgiving is an exclusively American holiday, whereas Christmas is of course a global affair, celebrated in several countries. Also, will other video-calling services be following Zoom’s lead? One can only hope that their Christmas spirit is stronger this year than before!

Which video-call service will you be using during the festive season? Let us know in the comments!