Will The Prime Minister Answer This Young Maltese Girl’s Complaints?


Will the Prime Minister answer to this young girl’s problems?

With social media becoming such a staple in our life, one little girl chose to voice her opinion on the cranes everywhere you look.

The young girl used her father’s mobile to record and voice her complaint.

The young girl had something on her mind that she wanted to pass onto the Prime Minister, from the back seat of her father’s car starting off with a simple “stop doing cranes!” and her father told her to not ask so angrily and the young girl asked the question again in a nicer and softer tone, adding in “a little less buildings and trucks”.

The video was then uploaded through her father’s Facebook profile, where it picked up over 87 shares in under 24 hours.

Do you think social media is the easiest way to get your complaint or question acknowledged?

Well, with social media groups where people go specifically to name, shame and voice their opinions, this is often the best way to voice your opinion; even though it isn’t the kindest.

We saw this with when Felix Busuttil was calling for pet cemeteries on our island where PM Joseph Muscat responded to his cry for help and when a man from Pembroke held a hunger strike in front of Castille to stop noise pollution, where PM Joseph Muscat spoke to him and he ended his hunger strike.

Overall, it’s never been easier to voice your opinion and get your voice heard. All you have to do is utilise the technology you are given with the blessing of social media.

Have you ever seen people of power make changes following viral social media videos? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.