Will Martina and Rachel become true Gridsters?


This weekend, Malta’s most popular obstacle sporting event The Grid is taking place. Play by GO will once again be sponsoring this event and our very own Rachel and Martina have decided to take the plunge and have a go at it. Will they make it? We surely think they will!

It takes a Commonwealth Games winner to train Martina and Rachel

Rachel and Martina have been super lucky to have found former Maltese Judoka, Laurie Pace to train them. Laurie competed at three consecutive Olympic Games in the late 90s, winning the bronze medal at the 1990 Commonwealth Games.

Months of rigorous training

To participate in The Grid you need months of rigorous training. Personal trainer and GO’s Brand and Marketing Events Specialist Laurie Pace is training our Gadget ladies. “I know how busy Rachel and Martina are,” said Laurie. “They are both very determined women and take their training very seriously,” she added.


Martina and Rachel prove their will to succeed

Although the two tech ladies were both weak and unfit at the start, they have come a long way with hard work and dedication. They always fit their training in their busy schedules and Laurie is sure they will do very well.

Two companies hand-in-hand

Gadgets and GO share a similar ethos – staying healthy and keeping active. And The Grid seemed like the perfect setting for the two businesses to enjoy an activity together that is strictly-not-business.

The Grid proves women’s resiliency

More females than males participate in Malta’s toughest sporting event. The
obstacles are known for bringing out pain and endurance. Does this prove that women can tolerate more pain and endurance than their male counterparts? We think it might.

A way of showing support to employees

GO understands the importance of employee well-being. By sponsoring the event, it has managed to create a sporting network among employees. This has created a sense of teamwork which has brought staff closer together.

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