Will Government Offer Incentives Towards Remote Working In Next Budget?


Like with all bad things in life, good aftermaths come forth. When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home was the forced shift that companies had to adopt. Working from home – a reproachable idea, pre-COVID, if you dared suggest it to your employer. Unless you’re a parent with kids and you can’t do otherwise.

A mentality that needs to be challenged

Why would an employer not consider giving his employees the option to work from home? Is it a level of distrust from employer to the employee? Is it because of a pre-dominant hierarchical mentality that still dominates our workforce? Or is it because the company’s operating structure focuses on work hours rather than reaching targets and deadlines? The reasons are many, but this prevailing idea needed to be challenged. And, as silly as it may sound, COVID-19 came to the rescue.

Too many benefits to just leave it hanging

StreetHR founder Joseph Farrugia sheds another light in favour of remote working, namely that it can positively address the huge road traffic issue which is as obvious in Malta as the light of day. Less traffic yields numerous benefits which cannot be easily discarded; less cars on the road, less stress on the individual who spends hours in traffic every day, a better quality of life for all workers, and last but not least, the huge positive environmental impact this will have. Less fumes, less pollution, right?

A Shout-Out to the Government

CEO Farrugia tells Gadgets “the challenge is we need policy makers to agree on the principle – on the ‘why’ or the ‘what’ of the equation.” If we want to move from ideas to facts, the best way to do so is by pushing for clear policies and initiatives through the government and official entities.

Such positive initiatives see the government introducing tax reductions or tax credit to companies who adopt such remoting working options. Farrugia further explained that such policies need to be seriously pushed and considered, given their capacity to “boost economy, improve productivity, reduce waste and the impact on environment.”

GadgetsMalta asks the government: Will remote working options incentives be included in Next November’s Budget?