Why Not Yet? 5 Institutions and Services We Think Should Go Online


We’re living in a digital age, and if Coronavirus proved one thing, it’s that the technology is in place for us to do most of the stuff from the comfort of our own home. Yet while Malta has in most respects embraced the potential of the internet, there are still a number of things which have yet to make the full leap to cyberspace. Here are 5 things we think should go online:

1. Parliament

One of the key aspects of democracy is that the process of government should be fairly transparent. While Malta’s Parliament does indeed have a website, it does not stream the sessions online for the public to see, unlike the UK parliament. For many of us, the idea of watching Parliament at home might not be too tempting, especially when Love Island is there to binge, but for those politically-minded, it would be a big step forward.  Additionally, Parliamentary members must physically attend sessions. There is no video-conferencing, unlike in the UK. It’s time for Parliament to get with the socially-distant times.

2. Law Courts

Unless a court case is particularly sensitive, members of the public are free to sit in. Since this is the case, it would be convenient to stream court cases publicly, and cut out the hassle of a trip to Valletta. Some cases could even be settled completely online, with video conferencing software. Of course, we’re not suggesting serious criminal offences can be tackled on Zoom; we’re thinking more along the lines of a Small Claims Tribunal. The defence rests.

3. Online Summer School

Parents may still be wary of sending kids to group activities with the unappealing prospect of a second coronavirus wave on the horizon. Or, perhaps they’re just too busy to drive them back and forth. An online summer school would make a lot of sense, keeping children creative while avoiding long, hot car journeys. Now that we’ve had a few months of online schooling, the kinks should be ironed out, and kids will slip into summer school mode with ease.

4. Bank Loan Meetings

Bank Loan Meetings can be stressful affairs…do we really need to add to the anxiety with a long drive and in-person meeting? If Bank Loan Meetings happened online, we could avoid the nightmare of getting stuck in traffic and rushing in like a sweaty lunatic. With most of us doing our banking online, it only makes sense that our meeting be online too.

5. Confessions

Some parishes in Malta already stream their sermons, whether broadcast on TV or on the internet due to the Covid-19 restrictions. That may all be well and good. But what about Confession? It’s an important sacrament to Christians, but there’s still no way to get your soul cleansed remotely. A simple online Confession service could be just what we need, helping us get to heaven without the hell of leaving the house.

What services would YOU like to see go online? Let us know in the comments section!