Why It’s Not Wrong To Sell Overpriced PS5s


It needed to be said, so we said it. A post on The Salott made the rounds where allegedly someone was able to get his hands on at least 4 PlayStation 5s and is selling them for over €1,000 a pop. Are they wrong to do this?

Here’s the post so you can inform yourself before reading on.

Supply vs Demand

It seems almost childish to bring up the supply and demand argument, but the reality is that the market decides the price. If someone is willing to pay the price asked by the seller, then why should the seller lower their price? Is it ridiculous? Maybe. Is it immoral? Possibly.

Is it illegal though? Apparently not. One insightful commentator both described the situation and chimed in with a decent insight to boot.

Have the people spoken?

You bet they have. While some have condemned the act, most have said that this person is simply exploiting a market opportunity. This seller did not steal the console, they simply were more cunning. One person commenting said “Just don’t buy it from him, and he’ll be left with the stock staring at him in the face, maybe he’ll just make a €5 profit!”.

Whoever managed to get their hands on a PS5 deserves a medal, to begin with, but 4 or more? That took some serious logistical leverage.

So while we don’t agree with the morality of it, as people deserve to enjoy their consoles at a fair price set by the retailers, we can’t argue that if someone got his hands on more than one, he can sell at what price people are willing to pay.

Do you think authorities should step in to regulate the price? Let us know in the comments!