Who’s Giving Their Partner The iPhone 11 To Buy The iPhone 12?


Now that the dust has settled and we know just what the iPhone 12, in all its variations, has to offer, there’s one thing we want to know. Who, from our more renowned Maltese counterparts, wants to get their hands on Apple’s latest prized gadget?

Thanks, but no thanks

In the no department, we’ve got Angie Laus and Frank Zammit, but for different reasons. Angie’s told us she’s not as techy, and in fact only just got her hands on the OnePlus Nord, so she’s not changing any time soon (though there is a new OnePlus). Frank’s battle is different.

I usually try and skip a model every time and try to make it last two years.

Will he win the battle of wits against himself? We’ll see about that.

Could be-maybe-possibly-not quite sure

There’s no doubt that buying a new phone is quite the investment, especially when it’s an iPhone. And at the moment, Ben Camille and Peppi Azzopardi are still on the fence.

I am considering upgrading from my current iPhone X Max to get the wide-angle camera.

That being said, he told us, he doesn’t have enough info at the moment. Worry not friend, info is here at hand. You’re welcome.

On Peppi’s front, he’s got the classic angel-devil on the shoulder discussion as he tries to find reasons to not feel guilty after buying it.

Basically, it’s a game playing out in my head where I try to convince myself whether I really need to buy it.

Good luck Peppi, good luck.


Tamara Webb’s got no doubts in her mind that she’ll get her hands on it soon. She’s been upgrading to each new version since the beginning, “as the updates never disappoint, especially with camera quality”, she told us.

Apart from that my husband & I have a deal – we split the money to buy the new one for me, and he gets the previous one.

What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine, right?

And what about you, reader? Which iPhone model are you looking to get your hands on? Or are you more of a Samsung person? We want to know!