Who Is Shopping Online? Gadgets Will Help You Understand Shopping Behaviour In Malta


Has online shopping replaced shopping as we know it? How many people will stick to buying their groceries online? Has the sofa just become too damn comfy to leave? 

We wanted to connect more with our audience and better understand the market. Data is gold in today’s world and Gadgets is digging deeper into consumer behaviour on the island.

Gadgets together with research company Onest will be conducting a number of surveys in the coming weeks to help businesses and people make sense of the world around them. This survey was carried out between 9th April – 20th of April, 4 weeks into the outbreak of the coronavirus on the island. 

1) Online Shopping has increased by 32% in Malta

With most shops being closed during the pandemic consumers had to get their retail therapy fix elsewhere. Why so many people held back from shopping in the comfort of their own homes during lockdown is baffling. We’re sure this trend will continue to rise once people start to realise how easy and convenient this is.You can shop for almost anything without having to put trousers on. Interestingly, only 39% of the population are buying their groceries online while 61% still prefer to go to the supermarket.  Supermarkets that were mentioned in the survey include Greens Supermarket, Park Towers, Pama, Arkadia and Valyou. Perhaps supermarkets are our new form of an entertainment.

2) What are the Fitness trends?

Yoga Mat and Treadmill are the most popular training equipment bought during COVID-era, including from online stores.We asked our audience whether they resorted to exercising from home due to gyms being closed. This was very equally split with the majority of 51% saying they do.  Guess we might still need beach bodies after all.

3) Where are virtual meetings being conducted mostly, in Malta?

Zoom has zoomed to the top here with 30% followed by Skype at 22% and Google Hangouts at 11% – other platforms and ways of communication fill the remaining percentage. When it comes to catching up with friends and family, Whatsapp and Facebook video remain the firm favorites. Who can resist a good bunny filter?

4) What are the top 5 Gadgets that have been bought during COVID-era? 

The top Gadgets are all related to entertainment (Well, we all need a new shiny TV to watch Charmaine’s COVID updates.) Other popular gadgets that will keep the kids quiet placed high, as well as headphones – because let’s face it,  we all need something to drone out family squabbles. 

• PS4
• Tablet
• TV
• Video Games
• Headphones

Are you curious to know any new consumer trends? Want to stay ahead of the curve? Get ready for more.