Where & How To Watch Malta’s Space Journey LIVE This Weekend!


As the launch date for Malta’s Project Maleth draws closer, the team behind the project have got their mission control HQ set up in Qormi and we’re happy to bring you news on how to attend and view the launch!

Exclusively online

Local tech company arkafort will be providing the premises for Project Maleth’s mission control, with an extension of their 24/7 to be used to establish comms between Malta and the International Space Station. Taking place over a special encryption device, they’ll be connected with the experiment aboard the ISS.

Professor Joseph Borg, one of the project leaders, will be present at the HQ, of course, but while the above set-up is still off, he’s got his own mini-mission control ready at hand!

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You can follow proceedings by tuning in for these live events happening on Facebook and LinkedIn. The events will feature guest speakers as we build up towards the actual launch and the moment Malta makes history!

Put your name in the history books

There’s also a chance for you to put your name in the history books yet! You can book your name on the SpaceX Dragon spaceship taking Project Maleth to the ISS. Available for a donation fee via Zaar, there are different packages with different rewards for the option taken.

The souvenir boarding passes will display all names submitted by the backers for PROJECT MALETH on Zaar which will also be digitally aboard the Spaceomix mission. Kids travel free, so just drop a note to spaceomix@gmail.com in order to book their seat alongside yours!

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Kilometers (and miles) are of course awarded for each “flight,” and will be kept in a system to track your future flight missions!

One final word, to those wanting or wishing to be part of something bigger – they’re also offering logo/sticker brandishing on the virtual starship to the ISS that will continue being shown throughout the campaign progress, mission updates, and social media posts.