When History Meets Digital: Memorja Project In Its Final Stages


A tragedy to the meaning of human existence would be if we would have no access to the stories of our ancestors. Imagine if history was left unwritten and unrecorded; forever lost to the future generations that can very well benefit from the stories of both long and imminent past of our humanity.

Collectables World War 2 photograph Shelters at Cospicua Malta Photographs  utit.vn
People entering war shelters in WWII

It is for that reason that entities such as The National Archives of Malta do invaluable work when it comes to preserving history. Malta’s story is particularly vast and particular. With always-improving technology and such easy-access options which the world of the internet has offered to our era, this has also transcended into better ways of recording and archiving such traditions.

Memorja: Reminiscences of the Past

Memorja is an ongoing 5-year project managed by the National Archives. We have talked to James Baldacchino, Project Manager of the project where he tells us that that the platform will feature, “a digital collection of oral history interviews, written accounts, transcripts, photographs, documents and personal films.”

This website platform, which shall be launched later this year, will feature a wide archive of an older-generation Malta, covering all sorts of topics – from religious practices, to Tarzna and The World War.

Standing Ovation for ┼╗abbari Rayden Mizzi

Since 2008, Rayden Mizzi started recording every church bell sound in Malta. Yep, that’s right – every church bell hanging in every bell tower for every church and chapel for both Malta & Gozo.

Mizzi recorded all the church bell sounds through thousands of sound, video and photographic media, all donated to the Memorja project.

Baldacchino tells us that all Mizzi’s work “will be uploaded onto the website in due time and users will be able to view these videos and listen to these recordings online. And yes, they will be available for mass use.”

History guru or no, we are all intrigued by stories of the past. Follow Memorja’s project and share this article for others to know.