What’s Next For This Local Stylist After The Success Of His ‘Rate My Fit’ Filter?!


Instagram filters have become an integral part of our lives online; whether you like them or not, you’ve been bound to use one to edit a photo, remove the odd blemish here or there, or even send something cheeky to a friend or partner.

It’s become such a widespread phenomenon that businesses and influencers have made it a point to develop their own filters, be them serious or kooky, for all the app’s users to share. The man in Malta making waves doing so is none other than local model and style guru Malcolm Gauci.

How to get the filter…

His ‘Rate my Fit’ filter is a simple yet addictive concept and above all else extremely easy to use! Simply open your camera in the Instagram app and scroll right until you reach the ‘Browse Effects’ option. Then simply type in ‘Rate my Fit’ and choose the filter made by user ‘@malcolmgauci’. 

When using it, the filter locks onto whoever is in frame and randomly rates the person in question, so don’t you worry if you get a low score! It’s great to use if you want to poke fun at yourself or friends, or whether you want to show off your hot look for the evening!

Did the followers, follow?

When we asked the creator himself about the response he got, he told us that his followers’ reaction “has been tremendous. Looking at it from a purely analytical standpoint, the filter has performed above all of my expectations”. Malcolm’s Instagram account currently has close to 7000 followers; his filter has over 10,000 captures and 130,000 impressions and counting thus far!

The filter is both the brainchild and product of Malcolm himself. During our chat with Malcolm, he claimed that his followers were already familiar with the concept of ‘Rate my Fit’ from his story posts and questions, and thus wanted to create something interactive for them to use.

He did so by learning Spark AR, a language of code, and Adobe Photoshop in his spare time in January of this year, but after feeling dissatisfied with what he had created, decided to restart from scratch. Malcolm used his newfound time during lockdown to head back to the drawing board and come up with the sleeker and more user friendly we’re now familiar with. 

So… what’s next?

Malcolm stated that the interaction between him and his followers made his endeavours all worth it. Getting to know the person behind the screen was a key motivator behind his project, and after all the extraordinary feedback, has started work on another filter that is in line with his style guru aesthetic. Although few details were spared, we are assured that it is something to keep an eye out for in the coming months!

Have you used the filter already? If not, do you want to now? And can you wait for what Malcolm has in store for us next, because we definitely can’t! Let us know in the comments below!