What to look out for when buying a new laptop…


Your laptop has suddenly packed up after months of struggling to open even a simple word document – its demise was on the cards but you clung onto it since you were quite pleased with it overall and you can’t even imagine the tedious task of searching for a new one. But fret not, here are our top tips of what to look for when purchasing a new laptop.

Mac, Windows or Chrome?

Your first stop in deciding which laptop to go for is dependent on which operating system you feel most comfortable using. If you’ve always used Mac, then chances are your next laptop will also make use of the Mac operating system. However, switching to a different operating system is not hard, so while you might be hesitant to take the leap to a new operating system, bear in mind that it is quite a simple task.

Does it look stylish?

Let’s be honest here. Nobody wants to walk around meetings and university lectures with a tired-looking, bulky laptop so it’s important that your new technological BFF is in-keeping with your own style. Whether it’s the laptop’s colour or accompanying accessories – even the brand itself is often a predetermining factor of the type of laptop you purchase.

Will all the family be using it?

If you are buying a laptop for all the family, you will need one which offers speed, great RAM and the ability to handle multiple tasks with ease and efficiency such as the Dell Inspiron 15 3583. For something more powerful which can also be used for children (and parents) who love gaming, take a look at the Dell G5 15” 5590 with its powerful i7 processors. This laptop also has great storage space for all your data.

Dell Inspiron 15″ 3583

What if I’m a student?

For students, it’s important to have a lightweight laptop with great battery life and which functions with speed and efficiency so you can get on with your assignments in a jiffy. One laptop which is ideal for students is the Dell Inspiron 13 7391 2-in-1. This Dell 2-in1 is particularly good since it can switch easily into tablet mode – ideal for academic research and note-taking on the move.

Dell Inspiron 13″ 7391 2-in-1

Size matters

A laptop’s portability is an important consideration. Will you need to take your laptop with you to meetings or lectures, or will you primarily be using it at home? The device’s weight and size will be a determining factor in deciding which laptop would be most suitable for your lifestyle.

Still unsure about which laptop meets all your requirements?
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Dell G5 15” 5590