What To Expect From Malta’s Sustainability Forum


Between today and the end of this week, Malta’s foremost sustainability forum, organised by APS, will be taking place. With plenty of speakers from as diverse a spectrum as possible, here’s what we’re looking forward to learning.

Times Is Now

That’s the overall theme of the talks to be held. Over 80 international and local speakers will go through 12 different modules that have the interests of businesses, youths and the general public alike. Of course, the focus will be the ongoing pandemic, but there’s a need for sensible decisions today that will result in a better tomorrow.

So, this panel of experts will not only discuss the issues at hand, and why it’s necessary to believe in a better future: they will also provide solutions on how to address the biggest challenge of the century.

What’s on when

President George Vella opened the conference earlier today, and will be followed by a talk about ocean plastic pollution. The latter will be covered by a variety of speakers, including Alan Deidun, Clare Agius, and Will McCallum, Head of Oceans from Greenpeace UK.

Tuesday’s morning talk will revolve around food consumption and its impact. Wednesday’s talks will address businesses’ worldwide responsibility, and the importance of having women in decision making roles. Thursday’s focus will be on the benefits of sustainable practices for businesses, but Friday is probably the most important of all.

Take note(s)

Any decision taken today will affect the youth of the future, and Friday will provide the chance for youths to discuss a number of topics.

The full schedule is available on the forum’s website and we strongly suggest you tune in for at least one or two talks!

Which subject do you feel is most important?