What To Do In Malta On A Sunny Day During COVID


Saturday 9th January is expected to be one of the warmest days of January in Maltese history, with expected temperatures of 22°C. Temperatures may vary on the day, but what can we do on a sunny winter’s day during COVID?

Going out safely

While we’d recommend staying in as much as possible (especially with the recent spike in cases), there’s still stuff you can do outdoors. Plenty of routes are suggested by komoot, an app that recommends hiking, cycling or walking routes based activities completed by other people on the app. Malta’s there, and there are about 20 to choose from.

Also, if one of your New Year’s resolutions was to be more active, this is your chance to take it outdoors. Having said that, always make sure to keep socially distant from others and keep sanitiser at the ready.

You could also try your hand at fishing. It’s a great chance to learn or relearn a new/old hobby, and it’s never time wasted. If you don’t catch anything, you’ve spent a day next to a refreshing sea breeze.

Make sure to take a book with you wherever you go, because that should be everyone’s hobby, no matter what.

Stay in anyway

For those who wouldn’t want to go out anyway, there’s still plenty to get up to. From reading (yes, again) to gaming, learning new recipes (other than bread), writing stories or poetry, and becoming kids again by building a fort out of sheets and cushions (actual kids not required), you’d be surprised at the fun you can have.

You can also organise a virtual games night with your friends or family. There are apps for UNO!, Pictionary, and Monopoly, though we’re always going to suggest you also connect via video call. The fights that erupt, especially with the latter, are always hilarious and can be retold once the pandemic is over!

Will you be doing any of the activities mentioned above? Let us know in the comments!