What The Funko?Collectables We Can’t Get Enough Of!


It’s barely a day past Christmas, and we’ve seen these guys popping up in various news feeds. From John Wick to Baby Yoda, Harry Potter to Star Wars, there’s a Funko for everyone. We’ve done our best to come up with a shortlist of our favourites though!


Where else to start than Tim Burton? Characters from his movies are made for this kind of thing. Check out Victor Van Dort and Emily from Corpse Bride…Vic’s even got Scrap too!

No mistakes…

Just happy accidents. Kind of like what happened to Wade Wilson to become Deadpool. Watch the Deadpool 2 Bob Ross Teaser if you really want to know, why this crossover has us so happy.

Oh Captain, my Captain

Movie theatres around the world erupted in applause the moment Cap lifted Thor’s hammer. Here it is, immortalised in Funko folklore, with the broken shield too. Glorious.

Nostalgia Galore

There are plenty of Crash Bandicoot options to choose from, but Crash Team Racing will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Firmly in the driving seat

As any Liverpool fan will testify, the man to keep things ticking over in attack is Bobby Firmino. Sure, you can go for Salah or Mané, but the real hero is the hard-working one letting others steal the limelight.

What do you make of our choices? Which are your favourites? Let us know in the comments!