What in the world is Gadgets Fidgets?

Well, you could say it’s a NEW bi-weekly SHOW airing exclusively on the Gadgets Facebook Page OR you could say it’s our very own Daniel at his most Kingswell, getting to grips with some truly bizarre devices.

Both are correct. But why should you really watch? BECAUSE…

1. You get to watch never-seen-before gadgets
2. If you’re a fan of Kingswell’s work, you’ll definitely love this show
3. Kingswell will keep you on your feet, with his constant puns, jokes, witty, and sometimes not so witty humour.
Whether it’s a gadget that leaves you wondering WHY it even exists, gadgets you fall in love with, or just seeing Daniel struggle to set up a complicated product, you’ll definitely want to see how it unfolds.

Tune in tonight at 19:00 on Gadgets . 100% Boredom Free.