What Are You Tekking About?


Back when the lockdown had us all scrambling for new hobbies to keep us busy, most of us swerved between baking, cooking, fitness reading, gaming and working from home. Others took a more creative approach: enter TekTek. The name comes from the sound our keyboard makes when typing away. It’s a page dedicated to everything and almost anything, covering a variety of topics, curiosities and questions.

Channelling everything

From recipes brought to you by Gwen, to daring food challenges via Xiż-Żikk? (What the heck?), their Niltaqgħu ma’ (Meeting with) segment is also very engaging. They’ve pretty much got a channel for everything, including exercise, music and a kid’s section, but we’re here to tell you about a very particular one. TekTek Tok, hosted by rock-aholic Luca Lorenzo.

The show usually takes weekly news and puts a humorous twist to it, making sure you get your dose with a smile on your face, no easy task, this year in particular. The signing off slogan is a very apt “Ibqgħu champions“, and Wednesday’s episode is set to be an episode of champions.

The Boys are in town

Yep, those boys are facing each other in a verbal roasting battle, with someone to be crowned as the top Tik Talker. In a Champions League-style drawing event, these the fixtures drawn were Melvin vs Luke, James Ryder vs Max and Daniel vs Kyle. Some of the eagle-eyed followers realised that one member is not there: Ashley. Unfortunately, since the group is made up of 7 members, someone had to be sacrificed – indeed it was no easy call. Still, some evil is necessary from time to time.

We strongly suggest you stay tuned, because this might just be TekTek Tok’s biggest episode yet.