We’ve Got Every Mum Sorted With Our Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift List!


Perhaps this year will not be the normal way we celebrate mothers day. Some of us might not even be able to see our mothers and will have to settle for a virtual meeting on a video call and have to wait a little longer for those warm hugs. 

However this doesn’t mean we can’t send our loving mothers a present on this special day. For those of us who tend to leave our present shopping to the last minute here is our list for some top mothers day presents. With direct links to be purchased online with contactless deliveries included 🙂

1) The Fitness Guru Mummy 

With not much else to do these days apart from long walks in the countryside the Fitbit Versa 2, which is available at just under €200, is the perfect present to ensure Mum keeps her fitness goals by monitoring those daily steps. With Alexa built-in, GPS to track pace and distance on display as well a map of your route in the Fitbit app, this definitely makes a great fitness buddy – and available in a range of colours including a stylish pink!

2) The Tech Savvy Mummy

Whether your mum is social media obsessed or loves her  series this Lenovo tablet is quite an impressive choice with an FHD screen and dual front speaker for immersive entertainment all packed into an extremely light and thin frame!

3) The Clean Freak Mummy

Spring is all about one thing – cleaning. We agree that giving your mum a present to ensure she keeps cleaning the house may be a bit cruel, but not if you’re giving her a robot cleaner. These little helpers are great to have around especially for pet owners – and help ensure you come home to a spotless home. 

The Mamibot has 4 cleaning modes which are suitable for all floor types, even hard carpets and can be controlled from anywhere. It also includes mapping and will avoid repeat cleaning. As long as you’re connected to the internet you can control your personal cleaning servant from anywhere around the world!

4) The Body Conscious Mummy

Okay… we know what you’re thinking, a weighing scale may not be the best present for mum and you risk being slapped over the head with it…or it just makes the perfect present for your annoying mother-in law 🙂 …. But hang on a second… the Terraillion Webcoach Form is not your average weighing scale. This calculates your body mass index (BMI) allowing mum to assess her weight according to her height and show clearly what her goal weight should be. Equipped with a health app for long term monitoring of key indicators and up to a maximum of 160kg. So this weighing scale does make a good present for mum after all.. especially seeing that it’s available for  below €50!