“Welcome To Pepe Academy”: Maltese TikTok Going Viral


With over 14,000 views in just a couple of hours, TikToker Chanel Galea might have just come up with the next viral masterpiece that’s also a cultural truth bomb. And if this is just Lesson 1, we’re fully on board for the rest of the course.


Reply to @jppj82 send this to someone who has used this phrase 😂 #skit #tiktokmalta #maltacomedy #malta #talpepe

♬ original sound – Chanel 🎈

Chanel’s other videos take aim at other Maltisms (all accurate), but there was a prelude to the Pepe Academy, with the creation of the Chanel Maria Sarah Galea Baldacchino Barthet from the Pepe Association persona. “Pepe isn’t something you become, it’s something you are”. Spoken like a true #SliemaGirl.


Chanel Maria Sarah Galea Baldacchino Barthet at your service for the pepe association 💙 ##tiktokmalta ##malta ##maltacomedy ##skit

♬ Lofi – Domknowz

P.S – we’re not sure if it’s Sera, Sara, Sarah…or Syrah for all we know.